5 Landing Page Heading Formula You Can Test Today

 Have you ever noticed that using conversion copywriting tweaks for a wild goose chase and driving sales doesn’t go hand-in-hand?

Just in case, if you have no idea how it doesn’t go hand-in-hand, let me make this easy for you with an example,

Applying the former, you’ll end up with something like this,

“Infusion Partners With Anheuser-Busch to Accelerate Business Innovation Using Microsoft Hololens”

Did you even care to read what it is? I suppose you don’t. I mean, who are these Infusion partners? That’s how it doesn’t even make sense to the audience who doesn’t know about it.

I mean this might be great for the specific products that target a specific audience. For example, it could work great for healthcare or where a solution for something could be sought, like the one with the diet tips and body transformation videotapes, etc.,

But, it shows an adverse reaction if you use the same idea for a company that sells products or services say, consulting services, books, e-books, gaming applications, gadgets, electronics, and so on.

It’s just that you don’t have to completely ignore the ugly long headlines.

They are indeed filled with the most important messages. It could convey so much. So, how about splitting the single long-form copywriting into two landing pages without making it tacky?

This helps you keep you on track with positive conversion rates like your profit gets a really good hike.

Also, whatever you wanted to convey, that message won’t be lost and that’s the whole point of it.

Here’s what we can do, create a series of headline formulas in a way that any startup or a small scale business shall use ‘em to drive conversion without being “sketchy”.

Sounds great? Let’s ship this!

 What needs to be in a headline?

We all must be aware of the fact that different headlines work the best for different pages of respect to their user goals. Here’s what you must follow either in the headlines of your home page or landing page.

  • Be particular
  • Be as brief as possible
  • Focus on the USPs
  • Meet the expectations of the visitor

If there’s something unique about you that you know people want, that may be the best basis for your headline. For a Marketing Agency, the unique value proposition is how they provide a service and be able to keep their standards high, we’ll see a glance of a headline now,

 “ Providing Marketing Services Is The New Sport, Yet There Are Dropouts Track To Know Why Your Clients Leave You” 

Just so you know, if your client has come to your website from a platform with the help of Paid Ads, they won’t really know you that much, so you need to brand yourselves to them in the first place.

Make sure to mention your name and the service you provide.

People go crazy for promises today, so make a promise(only if you can fulfill it), sometimes an individual cannot easily rely on some company, so make sure to address the objection people might have and use testimony to prove yourself.

Nothing works better than this. If you are reliable, skilled enough to serve your clients their needs, brand it, promise them.

This should be the 2 and 3rd formula of a heading.

Adding the word “without” sells itself. See how,


Do you know where you can get great headlines?

You can get it while your clients review your service.

When you are using the expectations and disappointments they state in the headlines, you are already there in the high converting headline.

Before Jumping Into Formulas, We’ll See How Formatting Works

You may not believe me on these formatting tips, but I’m afraid you’ll have to. I won’t mislead you here.

What do I even get out of it?

But what if my tips work for you and you start to convert more leads?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Here are a few tips that might help you,

  • Make sure to Center your headlines
  • Keep them in a dark shade
  • Make sure you Capitalize each word
  • Never use period, it may refrain your audience from visiting you
  • Break headlines into two if it’s lengthy with possible punctuation’s
  • Using quotation marks around the headline can pull anyone’s attention when they go through it
  • Promote each headline with a meaningful subheading where you have to capitalize the first word alone

If you keep your headlines this way, something great could happen: your audience will actually start to encounter them

Isn’t that great? By the way, headlines are meant to be noticed. Before you realize it, your audience will actually be reading them.

So always try to be bold in your headlines than shying it away! Let your headlines work wonders!

Let’s quickly see, how can you test these headline formulas,

It always comes by practice, once you learn the key, there is no stressing about headlines. You can take over by the flow.


Get the [ Adjective that makes sense to the context] Power of [What Your service is] Without [hesitating point]

For use when: Your audience will have a clear hesitation they’d love you to remove from the way.

“The Mindblowing lead conversion without much investment”


[Relevant Adjective] & [Adjective] [Who You Are / SEO Keyword sentence] That Will [drive Promising Results]

For use when: you can completely rely on SEO. It will help you bring great outcomes.

“Great website designs that will make you stand out in the Industry”


We Promise You: [ Positive Results]

For use when: You promise your audience that you will do this for them (e.g., great marketing reach)

“We promise to drive leads to your business”


[Mention you’re Known Competitor] [the Unimpressive Thing he does], and

[Your Brand Name] [Does This Highly Desirable or Impressive Thing]

For use when: do you know you are evaluated in comparison with your competitor? Well, if you don’t know, that’s how people evaluate you and your services.

“ Analytics tell you what happened But know who does it”


One and Only [SEO Keyword] tailored to [Benefit the audience/clients are expecting for]

For use when: You offer a service that’s both unique to you and highly advantageous to your visitors.

“ We are the only Digital Marketing Agency that helps any client with boosting sales and setting standards”

How Would These Headlines Work For A Sample Company?

We’ll now see how these formulas work for a Digital Marketing Company, say, Promarketo Digital Marketing Agency,

  • Fetch the Conversion-Boosting Power of Landing Page that is Optimized Without IT
  • There is a Technique where Great Web Design Templates will Bring in More Sales
  • Promise Great Conversions with Website Optimization
  • Your Team might have no Idea for Marketing Initiatives, But PromarketoGets You installed with Great-Looking Landing Pages
  • The Only Landing Page Templates Exclusively Tailored to Drive Leads & Boost Sales.

I cannot guarantee that everything will work for you, but ultimately some do.

Now, you may think, why should you even use formulas for headlines?”

Well, you need to invest something in order to get something in return.

Here, you are investing in techniques to drive sales.

Whoever you are, you can mend from ideas. You could be a marketer or writer, it’s not always necessary to initiate from the beginning, you can even grasp on the go. So don’t force yourself to write from scratch when you are already loaded with ideas?


These are the 5 landing page formulas you can use to experiment today. Test them and let us know if it worked. Or you can always contact us. You know where to find us. Just a tap away!

I hope this write up will help you out!.

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