Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over several automation that was served by humans in the past and not only automation in automobiles, manufacturing industries but also in the marketing era as well.

But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and can AI change the way of Digital Marketing any soon? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science that deals with the simulation of human intelligence process by machines. Artificial Intelligence is a scientific term used generally to elaborate the efforts of creating an intelligent machine that can think, react, decide, and respond like a human brain.

With Artificial Intelligence, the future seems limitless. With its applications and integration, we can think of every possible scenario in the current world.

Machine Learning comes along with the application of AI, and that itself makes everything seem easy and quick. Digital Marketing Companies have now started moving towards more advancement in their technology while choosing AI and ML as their product catalysts.

Not only Digital Marketing Agencies but also the Digital Marketing Services are getting better with the implementation of AI.

Having said that as a Digital Marketing Agency, it’s high time that you take action for the betterment and advancement of your industry as well.

As the world progresses towards AI and ML, you should integrate these technologies in your day to day system as well so that your issues can be solved with ease.

Humans are always considered to be the smartest species on the planet. And it is indeed valid to a large extent. Thanks to our brains, we have invented an enormous variety of things ranging from missiles and rockets to the tiny integrated chips in our devices.

The brain of humans is very peculiar and honestly never ceases to amaze me. I mean I still get amazed when I see people remember a massive amount of data in say 5 minutes. Or what others do with the help of a memory palace and all.

It is just overwhelming at times.

And yet despite the beautiful gift that has been provided to us, the brain has its limits. There are certain things that even the mind cannot do.

But humans did not stop there. They created all sorts of machines and tools that are much smarter, precise and accurate than the greatest minds on planet Earth.

One such invention is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now the humans of today have grown up hearing about the term AI. I am not exactly sure if God exists everywhere; AI does though. It is all around us.

Whether that is Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana or the robot receptionists in Japan or self-driving cars (and recently I saw a video of a vehicle that gets converted into robots like the Transformers movie.) It is crazy!

Now if you are well aware of the way of the world, you will realize that a majority of the world population is shifting from the primary sector (agriculture, mining, fishing, hunting, and gathering, etc.) to the service sector (health, education, recreation, marketing, hotels, real estate, etc.).

And the service sector in all the countries is growing right now whether it is the developed world or the underdeveloped and third world countries with large populations.

One area of the service sector where Artificial Intelligence plays a very significant and vital role in the coming time is MARKETING.

And because of the technological advancement and mass production of devices, marketing has long moved from the conventional mode of giving advertisements in newspapers and magazines to Digital Marketing.

A very simple and straightforward definition of digital marketing is any form of marketing involving electronic devices or through digital channels. Examples of digital channels include social media, websites, search engines, mobile applications, web applications, etc.

So basically every time you search for hotels to stay in Delhi and then go to YouTube or any website and see an advertisement about hotels in Delhi, it is digital marketing.

And why did the ad talk about the same subject you searched for?

Artificial Intelligence

There are several ways in which Artificial Intelligence can boost up your Digital Marketing culture.

Artificial Intelligence

There are innumerable ways in which Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized digital marketing. AI has made the prediction of consumer behavior much convenient, unlocked new opportunities for marketershelped in providing the consumers with a personalized experience.

The use of AI has helped in predictive analysis, and the use of chatbots has also made the job easier. AI saves time, saves money and reduces the scope of errors to name a few benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing.

1. Market Analysis 

Artificial Intelligence is mainly used for analysis purposes across the world. AI makes sure that even a slightest of criteria is not missed. Thus, with AI analyzation of data has become natural and easy.

With Market Analysis, you can provide personalized content as per each consumer. And the analysis criteria can be location, buying history, demographics etc.

Apart from just analyzing, you can send custom push notifications on the status of how they interact with your Business. And how benefits can be given or taken as well.

2. Customer Behavior Prediction 

Models like Propensity and Polynomial Regression Analysis can take the statistical analysis to the next level. It elaborates as to how many people can react to an offer and make a choice. Professionals like AdWords are bound to use AI.

They correlate with the target audience, provide insights to the AI with campaign objects and system endorse strategies to conquer the listed vision.

Furthermore, not only AI recommends strategies, but also it predicts the purchase & interaction patterns by analyzing the previous volume of data that might impact future sales and insights.

3. Use of AMP – Reduce load time

The use of AMP has shown numerous highlights to get your website on top of query stacks (searching algorithms) in the search engines. That means with the use of AMP, you can increase the chances of having your website ranked in top searches on Google.

4. Growing up Content Marketing

In the content creation process, Artificial Intelligence collaborates facts and figures thoroughly to generate reports, analysis, market data, etc., for evenly distributed time intervals.

That helps in creating incredibly impactful content because it’s all correlated with the user data. AI-powered tools like Acrolinx produce content for significant content-driven firms like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Thus, by using AI, we can step up our content marketing game.

5. Using AI-generated and curated content 

Even though writing a human-like blog or write up is a lot difficult for a machine with all its feel of the content and relativeness. But there are scenarios where AI-generated content can be beneficial and can captivate users.

Alongside attracting users towards your Business, AI content creation saves your time and energy so that you can come up with more ideas to benefit your business.

While generating reports & statistics using data and information, AI-powered tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are already shining in the industry for creating content for Forbes, which has shown growth in their user visit statistics.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing Agencies & Companies were dubious of word AI to be used as integration in Digital Marketing Services. But in the modern era, the tables have turned, and the people are now more indulged in using AI as a part of their daily routine.

Artificial Intelligence is on the way of reducing ambiguity and enhancing efficiency for the Digital Marketing fields. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is now driving the Digital Marketing which has surpassed human expectations and will be concluding the scenario in the longer run.

Consequently, we can fetch some fascinating AI uses in the Digital market that can cause a revolution.

1. Predictive Analysis

Merging unique, interesting, relatable content into one is a hard task for anyone, but such high-quality content hooks the viewers and changes them to customers.

Thus using AI tech can be useful for predicting what the market needs along with strategies for achieving the goal.

2. Ad Targeting

The use of AI and ML in Digital Marketing found success after a lot of effort. ML algorithms generate impact-full results by going through the historical data of what Ads perform the best, redirecting the audience to your website/business.

Using this technique, they can optimize content, serving at the right time and at the right place with efficiency.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the most talked and used concept nowadays. Chatbots automates the process of responding to business prospects’ asked queries with ease and redirects them to services they need.

Chatbots are smart and can take open-end questions as well, as they use the Natural learning process to give human-like responses.

4. Dynamic Emails

Push notifications are also a great way to provide hints to users that attracts them for deals. Thus AI-generated compelling emails can cause good traffic over your Business.

It is effective and impact-full as AI can use propensity model to establish lists of users, that need specific services and then notify them for it.

5. Dynamic Pricing

Sales and Discounts are extremely powerful entities that cause a specific type of traffic on your site. They might not look suitable for the statistics in the short run, but it makes better profit than not providing benefits to the users at all.

Dynamic pricing can justify and solve this problem by targeting the audience that has discount purchasing history and give them offers that they might not deny. Thus, you can increase sales while not damaging your profit margins and generating decent profits.

Thus, managing these on your own gets tough and challenging as you have to move forward in the race.

Therefore, rather than putting your efforts and time in such management, we suggest hiring a Digital Marketing Agency.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Increased User Experience

A great user experience is the only reason users comes to the website. Implementation of AI will help the users to find what they are looking for. The website should be in such a way it provides visitors with ease of use.

  • Better Return on Investment

AI can make payment processes much faster. It can also solve security concerns involved in online transactions. Machine learning helps to collect sufficient data from user behaviors, and adds up to its inventory with better database design.

According to audience interest, it provides a better algorithm of decision-making that brings out great ROI.

  • Sales Forecast

Artificial Intelligence can recognize future sales possibilities and according to that it can implement the necessary processes to achieve the targeted sales figure.

  • Better Advertising

AI collects and analyses user data and predicts user behavior. So that it will be very easy for AI to create posters and promote on the basis of users.

  • Reaching the Right Targeted Audience

Digital marketing based on AI makes it easier to reach out to target audiences as it helps find people depending on their focus, demography, interests, and other aspects.

Digital marketing services provided by digital marketing companies and agencies play an essential part.

What are the advantages of hiring a digital marketing company/agency for their services?

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is that some of the agencies have the right tools to get the job done. They have the needed software and know the required technique for accurate analysis of the data.

  • The first point is especially important because data can be manipulated very quickly to show a biased picture. A trusted agency, however, does not get involved in any illegal and unfair means. A trusted and reputed digital marketing company will provide regular reports showing areas you are excelling in and the ones you need to improve.

The agency chosen by you needs to be a leading one. Promarketo, for example, is a leading digital marketing agency which is just right for you.

  • Secondly, the analysis of data at this level is no joke, and only a reputed agency will have access to the latest technology and superior tools and software. Also, you will not have to waste the majority of your precious time in sifting through the zillion web pages on the Internet.
  • Thirdlywhen you hire a digital marketing agency, a considerate portion of your marketing burden is taken by the agency. As a result, you get to focus on the areas that need your attention for further growth. Thus the agency focuses on your business priorities, easing the burden and pressure on your shoulders.
  • The fourthadvantage is that the team of professionals which you hire gets the job done effectively. A group of designers, strategists, SEO experts, and writers possess a wide range of skills, experiences, and knowledge. Plus you get to learn from their experience.
  • Lastly, it is cost-effective. Money in business is a priority, and this point itself should be enough for you to hire a digital marketing agency ASAP!

Now I will make your job much more comfortable. I will give you the name of the agency that is perfect for you and will get the job done.

Any guesses?

I did mention the name once before. Yes, go on and scroll up and see the name. It is the Bangalore based digital marketing agency, Promarketo.

ProMarketo is an excellent premium digital marketing agency that has built its legacy through the service. With much variety of services offered, ProMarketo provides some of the best Digital Marketing tools and services in the market.

The first service is none other than Search Engine Optimization. Everyone in marketing

knows that SEO is a necessity now for the growth of their brand/business. It definitely improves the leads and sales.

It is basically like Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. That is also how you survive the brutal competition on the Internet.

Promarketo will captivate your audience using SEO in the manner mentioned below.

Artificial Intelligence

The next service offered by Promarketo agency is Local Search engine optimization.

97% of consumers go online to find local services, and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when they look for local business.

With new businesses opening up in your neighborhood every day, traffic congestion is increasing. When a person in your locality searches for the nearest business in your category, the name of your business needs to pop up.

Promarketo makes this a reality.

Promarketo also offers performance marketing services. This service will help you increase your marketing efficiency, boost reach, and drive results. Paid advertising is very important.

Promarketo does intensive marketing research, uses researched data confidentially with proper security measures, and gives tailored advertising strategies. Your account is managed by a team of experienced, qualified, and skilled professionals.

Performance Marketing Services by ProMarketo are top-notch and ever-lasting.

  • Intense Marketing researches
  • Use of researched data confidentially
  • Provides Tailored advertising strategies
  • Monthly reports generation about everything

Apart from this, all Promarketo also offers website content writing services, E-commerce management services, and Conversion rate optimization.

Digital Marketing Services by ProMarketo

Hiring a Digital marketing agency just like ProMarketo is recommended as it makes your work easy, organized with a seamless working environment.

There are a couple of advantages of hiring a Digital Marketing agency that you should look at –

  1. Overall costs are less
  2. Experts with work experience
  3. Focus on the real business
  4. Scalability
  5. Tools required – Agency have them already
  6. Get new ideas

Working with professionals rather than figuring out things on your own makes it unorganized and jumbled. Hiring such people who can guide you through and can also provide you with new ideas that might be beneficial for overall development in the customer’s point of view is always welcoming and overwhelming.

Thus, these are some of the highlights that can clear the blurred thoughts, making it easier for you to decide and choose your Digital Marketing agency like ProMarketo.

Whatever the job, Promarketo gets it done.

You assign, and Promarketo delivers result-oriented marketing campaigns that make you soar high!

So go on and hire the agency, what are you waiting for?

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