Digital Marketing For Hotels and Resorts Booking

Hotels continue to be an integral part of our life, with hotels being everywhere on the streets, you need to practice Digital Marketing Trends for your Hotel/Resort to stand out as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Digital Marketing Trends for Hotels is definitely not an easy task; there will be competition, where the competition is never-ending.

You never know when your competition will start or end. Sometimes Online booking app also tends to act as a competitor by involving so many online bookings while you work hard to get direct bookings. With these many competitions, to remain competitive, you need new trends to be adopted to bring your Hotel/Resort to the top. Some of the trends that are adopted will take care of the bookings, maintenance, availability of rooms, etc.

Why Digital Marketing for Hotels/Resorts is necessary?

You can state the similarities between the two hotels all day. But there will always be notable differences. You must find Unique Selling Points for your hotel / Resort and brand them.

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore you can partner with, so you do get all the privileges of working with the Digital Marketing Company with Digital Marketing Experts.

You can create great brand awareness by partnering with a Digital Marketing Company in this way. Digital Marketing seems inevitable in the forthcoming years.

You may think, to improve maintenance and other room or food issues, hiring additional staff would help temporarily.

But in the long run, that is considered making a bad move. You need to understand that Digital Media is the next future, stick to them to remain in Business.

You must need your Hotel’s online presence and an increase in Online Bookings to beat all the odds. The hotels and resorts that are successful today will definitely have applied almost all the trends stated below.

It is definitely not simple, but even the Hotels that are the best in business today must have started from scratch. There must be a starting point for everything.

All these can be attained with the help of a Digital Marketing Agency by your side to push you forward.

Some inevitable Digital Marketing trends you need to adopt in 2020 to keep your Hotel/Resort business going.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for Hotels/Resorts to be a new fat competitor or continue to be a competitor

Here, we provide you a list of tried and proven digital marketing and sales strategies that will bring great results for your hotel/resort in 2020.

  1. Creative website for the Hotel/Resort
  2. Quality Content for the website
  3. Growing Meta-Search Marketing
  4. Online Reputation Management seems to be a great idea to be adopted
  5. Local SEO card could help your Hotel/Resort stay at the top
  6. E-mail Marketing never goes out of trend
  7. Utilize PPC marketing

Let’s see how it works, scroll down to learn more.

1.  Creative website for the Hotel/Resort

A recent Google research says that nearly 50% of mobile users are exploring, planning, and booking an entire trip to a new travel destination with only the use of a mobile phone.

If you use a mobile-optimization solution for your Website, you will realize that mobile users have a much more exploring behavior.

They are constantly looking for your hotel’s address, phone number, wanting to book a room for them tonight or tomorrow night or the day after. Don’t you have to be ready? Hence, the website must be mobile-optimized.

2.  Quality Content for the website

You need to provide quality content for the website. You as a Hotel Business must have Search Engine Optimization, Location, Voice, and elaborated features of your Hotel.

Usually whoever is looking for a stay in the hotel will always search for a hotel online because he might need a reduction in the amount for a night stay.

So all you have to do is provide a Creative Website with everything that is needed for a person who is searching for a hotel online.

Approach a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore to build an attractive website for your hotel, if you already have one, maintain and update it properly.

3.  Growing Meta-Search Marketing

Using metasearch marketing is one of the best ways to improve the number of direct bookings on your hotel website. Truth be told, using a metasearch strategy for hotel digital marketing can drastically allow the hotel to build an even more powerful sales funnel.

Just so you know, meta-search marketing usually filters away the availability and rate of the rooms from hotels, and display these results in a single place. For instance, you go to a travel website and type in hotels in Bangalore.

You will get to see all hotels listed on the travel agency website for Bangalore. This is one of the reasons, a hotel can start regular advertising campaigns and use click-based ads to expose their weekly or monthly deals to almost all of the users, online.

Eventually, receiving positive reviews is just as important for this process, so hotels should gently pester the guests to leave reviews or positive comments about their experience they had in your hotel/resort

4.  Online Reputation Management seems to be a great idea to be adopted

Your hotel’s reputation online must be maintained. A very few sets of negative comments will cause you a loss of so many leads. So its better to follow Online Reputation Management to keep your business worry-free.

You can leave this job to an Online Reputation Management Agency in Bangalore, they get the work done.

5.  Local SEO card could help your Hotel/Resort stay at the top

SEO is a good move but working on improving local SEO can produce immediate results for a hotel website. People assume local SEO hardly tends to optimize images, descriptions, tags, or titles on a website, there is so much more to be added to this place at this point of time.

Initiate your local SEO by optimizing and updating the details on the listings. Also, Google My Business is surprisingly effective in terms of ranking for local search options, and you as a Hotel Business should ensure every aspect of this profile is complete to take the value of this opportunity.

On the other side, you must focus on content that are locally proven to be the best and make posts or videos about events close to your hotel’s location. Keeping this in mind, practicing local SEO can help provide your hotel website a much more positive relevance for their search.

6.  E-mail Marketing never goes out of trend

E-Mail Marketing never goes out of trend. If you miss out on E-Mail Marketing, you might miss out on a lot. You can even miss quality leads. E-Mail marketing is said to be personal.

So to convey an offer or send an invite or inform the updations, using email marketing tools can be of greater use. Since it’s personal, there are high chances that leads can be driven to your site with a sensible offer.

Digital Marketing Company that deals with so many similar businesses know what exactly is the best when you are doing E-mail marketing.

7.  Utilize PPC marketing

Why can’t you make use of paid campaigns? There are a set of campaigns you can post to drive leads to your site. You can either use Social Media Advertising or Google Advertising.

Google Ads seems to be effective since a person will search for hotels and resorts on google than social media platforms.

But the system will utilize the cookies to show similar kinds of hotels and resorts on your social media wall too. Do paid campaigns with the help of a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore. They know what’s best for your business.


These are some of the Digital Marketing Trends you need to practice for your Hotel/Resort to stay in business.

Having a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore as a Digital Marketing Partner by your side will surely do increase the leads for your business. We hope you find this article helpful.

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