How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Wonder how you Generate leads through LinkedIn? What if I say, you can get the most out of it if your time and ideas are invested properly?

I really hope you must have tried other social media channels as well, well now, LinkedIn should be one of them. It gives great, great leads and conversions, you might have never even noticed but it really does.

Marketing is all about leads, Marketers are every day trying to find a better place and better strategies to improve sales and conversions LinkedIn Lead Generation is something you should really try.

Once you see how interesting it is, there is never going back. I mean you should also have other social media channels for driving leads, but LinkedIn is something you should give a try.

If you want them to buy a product or take a service from you. Shouldn’t you tell them why?

That’s why you should give them a strong reason. Worried how? I’ll give you all the types of contents that bring you leads.

Top 7 Content Types used to Generate Leads through LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the great platforms to create brand awareness in the audience and build a great engagement in the audience.

It gives you an opportunity to share your business and gain the attention of potential new customers and followers.

This can also improve your sales from your business to another business rather than an individual person or a client. Through this strategy you can also Generate B2B Leads using LinkedIn.

Usually, newcomers do not exactly know what kind of content performs well on the internet. So, I’ll tell you what worked the best for me as a marketer myself.

Here it goes,

  • Concentrate on Blog posts
  • Add pictures to your post
  • Upload Videos
  • Great Headlines works best
  • Talk Facts
  • Be frequent with your updates
  • Enclose “How to” and “List Type” in your posts

As we have mentioned these types of content here, let’s see a short note on how this works!

1. Concentrate on Blog Posts

You can very much concentrate on airing the blog posts for your business.

Pick a topic that is relevant to the current situation or choose a topic where your audience may have issues. In that way, you get exposed to people who are looking for a solution to their problem.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Also, you get to influence more connections on LinkedIn.

2. Add pictures to your post

Adding pictures to your post is as important as you post relevant content. When you add pictures to your post, it adds value to your business.

Make sure to always include pictures to your post and keep it relevant, it makes your audience curious to know about what you are talking about.

There are high chances that these audiences become your potential leads.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Sometimes, these are all the places where you stand a chance to generate leads through LinkedIn.

3. Upload Videos

When you are creating video content, know why you are doing it in the first place. Don’t overdo. Do not do lengthy videos.

Keep it short and informative. You can use your client testimonials, it improves trust in your brand.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

A study says that people make purchases most likely after seeing the video promotions with client testimonials. They say it increases trust in the respective brand and provides them a great reach when you use such original client testimonials.

This is a proven way to generate leads through LinkedIn.

4. Great Headlines works best

Attractive headlines sell for themselves. Content with great headlines invites your potential audience to follow your business or get your business to their notice.

As long as your headline is strong and creative, you get more views and clicks. When your content is reliable, you get leads.

As simple as that.

5. Talk Facts

People no longer talk facts. So it is very vital for you to share the facts. Share pieces of research, news, numbers, that’s all that matters.

Keep it real.

6. Be frequent with your updates

Make sure to update anything you improve in your business. You never know what might click and when.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Also, it’s a great way for your customers and audiences to know what you are up to.

7. Enclose “How to” and “List Type” in your posts

Do you know what gains the attention of a follower or a LinkedIn user who’s searching for a solution? Your “how to” solutions and “list type” solutions.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

When you say How to, they know you have an answer for the issue and when you post a list, it becomes easy to follow and keep a track on.

So always, always enclose your content with List types and how to type content.

What should your LinkedIn content be like?

Your LinkedIn content should be more like reflecting Your Business’s Goals. As you create content to share on LinkedIn, your business goals must be neat and branding must be top class.

Create content that your audience can relate with and provide a solution to their issues. Try to be helpful to your LinkedIn audience. That will deeply help you generate leads through LinkedIn

By the end of the day, Productivity is important.

People always think of LinkedIn as a dormant social media platform.

Actually, it’s one of those platforms where you can generate leads in bulk. It’s a great platform for Business to Business Marketers. Simply put, you can generate B2B leads using LinkedIn.

Isn’t that exciting?

As a marketer, you must also be familiar with other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram that is used to generate leads.

That is great.

But if you miss LinkedIn, you’ll miss the most important leads of all time. LinkedIn lead Generation has lately become an integral part of B2B Marketing.

There are some of the interesting ways to generate leads through LinkedIn this could even change your business upside down. Be careful when you read the article.

Do you know why LinkedIn is being celebrated among marketers now?

It suits everyone. It does not necessarily be a Big business, even if it is an individual, you get the same result, as long as you put effort.

There could be social media platforms where you may not even perform well, it’s because there is no predefined thing like it would work for all the businesses.

You should explore which works the best for you, LinkedIn works for almost all the business. So it’s quite safe to invest in LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn Lead Generation poses an important way to generate leads, just give it a shot.

Top 10 Ways to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

  1. Create an impressive business profile on LinkedIn
  2. Optimize your Profile
  3. Filter your Target Audience & Establish Connection
  4. Send a personalized message after the connection is established
  5. Try forming a group on your own
  6. Approach LinkedIn members over a text
  7. Brand your services On LinkedIn
  8. Practice LinkedIn Automation Tools
  9. Take advantage of Sales Navigator
  10. Reach out to a hirer in reference to the post they’ve posted

These are some of the top 10 strategies I applied to my profile and it greatly worked for me to generate leads on LinkedIn.

I hope it works for you too.

1. Create an impressive business profile on LinkedIn

The first thing you should do after planning to establish yourself or your business on the LinkedIn platform is to create an impressive business profile.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

That’s the first step to brand your business on LinkedIn.

2. Optimize your Profile

Once the LinkedIn profile is created, you need to grow them.

What do you think you need to do?

Simple, keep optimizing your business profile. Practically speaking, you wouldn’t accept or trust a LinkedIn profile if it’s posting some irrelevant content or have a bio that doesn’t match.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Applies for you too, you need to optimize your page to generate leads through LinkedIn. Upload a Professional picture, keep your bio short and neat with things that need to be conveyed.

Add your qualifications, your work experience, your strengths, your accomplishments, and whatever that makes you strong in your career.

This way, it will be helpful for the businesses to locate you and you to reach the business as well.

LinkedIn Lead Generation is driven by all of these factors.

3. Filter your Target Audience & Establish Connection

Now that you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile, you need to find and filter your target audience.

It’s not that difficult in LinkedIn as they give you a premium way to filter themselves. You just have to apply proper filters and choose your target audience.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

As soon as your target audience is filtered, start establishing connections with them.

There are high chances that your connections could become your effective leads. Targeting the correct target audience promotes LinkedIn Lead Generation

4. Send a personalized message after the connection is established

Start establishing connections with your target audience.

Once your connection is established, you can send them a personalized message. Since everyone likes to share about their businesses, they’d like to hear about yours too, since that could be a great business opportunity for them.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

You can establish a conversation with your connections and after some conversations, you can pitch them for business.

This helps you build a great relationship with the people and helps you generate potential leads through LinkedIn.

5. Try forming a group on your own

Creating a group for people of your same kind to share your business updates.

Decide your target audience and get going.

6. Approach LinkedIn members over a text

Do you know that you can approach a LinkedIn member without even having a connection? You can and you could make a great gain out of it.

Other than just branding in a LinkedIn group you can also pitch the group members personally without connecting with them. There used to be no limit for sending messages previously but now you can send messages to only 15 people.

Only after a month, your message limits will be renewed.

This is a great way to Generate B2B leads using LinkedIn

7. Brand your services On LinkedIn

You do not have to pitch everyone separately, you can post or brand your services on LinkedIn, they get you to reach so many people.

There are a lot of chances a person may be searching for you but may not be able to reach you.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

When you get your brand online, everyone who searches for you could get you, at least there is a slim chance that could happen.

Branding your services online deeply helps you in generating leads through LinkedIn.

You can also run paid campaigns to get your business the reach you deserve. The organic ads give you the reach and drive leads like never before.

8. Practice LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn sells great automation tools that can save you so many hours, like other tools, you don’t have to do it manually anymore.

They are just automatic, they do the work themselves.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

They view profiles on your behalf, send connection requests on your behalf, texting so many connections at a single time, helping you in building marketing funnels, as well as analyzing and tracking the data that’s provided.

They actually drive B2B Leads using LinkedIn.

9. Take advantage of Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Lead generation in B2B has strategies including Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is one of the social selling platforms by LinkedIn that gives you ample designs to help you build a trusted relationship.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

You can take advantage of Sales Navigator, it has so many new exciting features like unlimited search opportunities, lead suggestions on your target audience that is automated.

10. Reach out to a hirer in reference to the post they’ve posted

LinkedIn is a place where you establish business or get hired or recruit people.

You can easily pull so many leads together here on LinkedIn. You can post a comment, or send a message, or email the respective person concerning the post.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

You can even post about your business and get leads to follow you back who’s willing to take your services or products that you sell.

You can generate leads through LinkedIn in all these ways.

Closing Remarks!

These are some of the ways how you generate leads through LinkedIn, the types of content to post on a LinkedIn platform and the ways to engage the audience are all you should know to master generating Leads through LinkedIn


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