Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Why Digital Marketing for Real Estate?

Digital Marketing has been growing at a steady speed in the recent decade and is spreading its influence to various industries and businesses. Marketing as a concept basically refers to offering the right product/services, to the right person at the right time.

But when it comes to traditional marketing tactics, the scope of marketing seemed to have been somewhat limited. Marketing methods like posters, banners, word-of-mouth, or even outdoor advertising seemed to have slowed down and were less impactful for businesses who wanted to grow at a faster pace. Moreover, these traditional marketing techniques were neither economically feasible, measurable, or targeted to the right audience always.

This is why Digital Marketing is now preferred by many industries and business owners to promote and grow their businesses. To start with the basics, people nowadays highly depend on their social media, search engines, and ads for their purchase decisions. They search their queries over the internet, find answers, products, and services that help them resolve their problems and make their lives easier.

For business owners, Digital marketing helped position themselves in the online world and reach a larger number of customers. They became easily accessible, and this helped increase their reach and brand awareness. Digital marketers use highly accurate tools and software to target, track, and measure marketing campaigns which made this whole process easier and profitable for the business.

 Real Estate and Digital Marketing

Like we said, Digital Marketing is expanding massively and is implemented in various industries and businesses to grow and help brands reach their audience. Real estate too, is nowhere behind. Properties that were once considered something only elite and well-to-do invested has now become a common affair which now has expanded the target market for real estate.

The lengthy paperwork, enormous time, and efforts spent on property tours and details and legal works are now drastically changed to fewer and much less-complicated steps due to the advent of technology. Realtors now want to focus on a larger customer base, different properties, lesser processes, and increased sales for their business.

Digital Marketing is slowly transforming the Real Estate realm for various real estate companies and realtors across the world. Although real estate deals with highly thought-out and calculated purchases and investments in properties, it is safe to say that researching online is the beginning of every real estate engagement.

Digital Marketing and Real estate are merging and adjusting to amplify the effects on both customers as well as Realtors. While Realtors now enjoy higher exposure and automated services that simplify their services and save their time and efforts, customers can avail of their services within a few clicks, and browse through various properties, reviews and competitors before approaching the realtors. This also makes processes like property viewing, paperwork processing, and virtual property tours a much easier affair without the realtors being involved in the entire process.

Apart from this, Digital marketing employs various tools that help identify, target, and convert potential customers and help increase sales, and bring revenues for Real estate businesses. Realtors can enhance their reputation, fine-tune their services, and deal with quality customers that potentially convert which saves both realtors as well as customers’ time and energy.

Many Real estate businesses realizing the impact and importance of Digital Marketing are 

transitioning their business to the online world and employing digital marketing teams to assist them through this journey effectively.

There are two ways they do this based on their requirements budget, and time:

  • Short term Digital Marketing
  • Long term Digital Marketing

The Short-term Digital Marketing: Lasts 6 months or lesser

Short term Digital Marketing strategies are mostly paid advertisement campaigns that give quick results in a short duration. These marketing techniques are ideal for attracting new audiences, conversions and instant sales boost within a short duration, preferably 6 months or less.

PPC Ads are the best way to boost visibility and bring in sales for online businesses. Apart from this, social media ads and paid display ads are some of the best ways to generate higher traffic to the websites as this boosts brand awareness.

Short -term Digital Marketing for Real estate businesses, requires research on the Real Estate’s target audience, location, consumer-behavior, channels they are present, and more. They must be accurate, highly-calculated, and delivered to achieve desired results for the business.

Real estate companies and realtors can invest in short-term digital marketing methods in the form of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, google ads, Pay-per-click ads, and more to reap benefits. These, however, are not organic traffic and require a good budget and investment to achieve the needed results.

Real estate businesses can leverage these methods to instantly grow their brand and be visible locally to their target audience, especially when they are just transitioning in their online presence. This will give the right boost, direction, and reputation to move ahead.

But short-term digital marketing methods don’t help in the long run. They don’t help in engagement, customer retention, and brand reputation. To achieve long-term results and build a quality presence online and establish brand authority, Realtors must depend on long-term digital marketing methods.

 Long-term Digital Marketing methods: Lasts 6 months and more

While short-term digital marketing methods offer instant results, this is only temporary and comes with a cost of some money. To enhance your presence online for longer periods, realtors must depend on long-term digital marketing methods like SEO, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, and content marketing.

These strategies take longer (more than 6 months) but provide better, affordable, and long-lasting results for the businesses.

Search engine optimization

With SEO, businesses can attract traffic and convert audiences without any money. They are organic traffic that is drawn with the use of relevant keywords that is researched keeping in target-audience in mind.

SEO is considered one of the most important marketing strategies that attract natural traffic due to optimized website pages that are modified with relevant keywords. It is one of the best long-term marketing strategies that give the best ROI.

Social Media

Social media presence is very beneficial for any kind of business. When it comes to real estate, it serves as a platform to attract, and influence investors by giving them a peek into your brand and products/services. Social media helps build customer engagement and relationships which takes time but it serves better for the long-run.

Customer reviews, quality information, and engaging posts help Real estate businesses garner trust, credibility, and build a community around the business. This, in the long-run, helps realtors gain better sales. retain customers and reputation in their field.

Content Marketing

We are sure you have heard this plenty of time in the realm of marketing: “Content is King” It is true to the digital marketing sphere as well. Content is massively important to draw in quality leads that will successfully convert. Apart from this content also drives SEO marketing strategies that help to bring in traffic and positive ROI for the business.

Authentic, quality content helps build

  • Brand image
  • Brand Authority
  • Attract a new audience
  • Attract and nurture leads
  • Convert prospects

There’s more to content than we could explain about. But quality content is something any expert marketer would never compromise on. Right from SEO to social media and email marketing strategies, all depend on quality, persuasive and engaging content. None of these strategies would be successful without it!

Content comes in various forms and styles. Each serves different purposes but with the same goal in mind. i.e. to grow the business. Content marketing involves more than creating content. It involves planning, strategizing, and scheduling various forms of content based on the platform, target audience, and the end-goal that is desired.

These are some of the forms of content that can be used to attract, engage, and convert customers:

  • Blog
  • Vblog
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • White Paper

 Content marketing can be infused in every and all types of marketing strategies and can be modified to influence the prospects to take a desired action for the business. The real estate market can implement content marketing in the forms of blogs, podcasts, Vblog, and infographics to inform readers, attract traffic and generate leads while email-marketing, and white papers, case studies can immensely help in building trust and converting them into customers. 

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Digital marketing has been gaining momentum in the past decades due to the development of technology and businesses shifting to online platforms to grow and promote themselves. The real estate industry too, hasn’t failed to keep up with these marketing trends to expand their real estate companies.

Real estate companies and Realtors are now depending on digital marketing strategies to grow and succeed in their business and help it reach a larger audience than otherwise isn’t possible with traditional marketing methods.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits Realtors and their real estate businesses to reap as a result of choosing to invest in effective digital marketing.

(i) Saves time and money

Digital Marketing is way more cost-effective and helps reach audiences better and efficiently. It saves time, effort, and money for Realtors by helping them spend on aspects that bring better sales and ROI.

Due to easier access, the online world has become a boon for both businesses as well as the audience. Realtors can now easily tap into the pool of online resources and identify and sell their services to their target audience with lesser efforts. Realtors can now communicate their budget, goals, and desired results to Digital Marketers who then work on devising a plan that suits all three to get the maximum results for the real estate company.

(ii) Increased and Measurable ROI

There are various tools that are now available that help track, monitor and analyze various implemented Digital marketing strategies. This helps marketers keep track and report Realtors as to what works and what doesn’t.

Digital Marketing tools have made it easier than ever to keep a check on progress and determine the return on investment for various strategies. Digital marketing unlike traditional forms of marketing is measurable and offers better ROI for Realtors.

(iii) Boosts Brand awareness and exposure

It is well-known that Digital Marketing helps brands increase their visibility online and gain immense exposure. And this can only be true. Digital Marketing and social media platforms help Realtors gain much more visibility than traditional marketing methods.

Creating a website, building, and growing social media channels can help Real estate companies fetch more clients and bring in better sales. Real estate professionals can invest in creating good content and visuals to generate leads, and build a strong customer base for their brand. This will help them increase their following on social media which eventually helps bring in more traffic to their websites and increase their ranking on search engines.

(iv) Smoother user experience

Digital marketing helps the audience to know that your company is just a click away to help them avail of your services, solve their queries, or any other inconveniences. Before they get in touch with an agent, 92% of them will search the web, this makes it crucial for any realtor to invest in online marketing channels to gain more visibility and help improve user experience.

If a customer can easily find, browse through a website, and find the desired property it makes them want to associate with the company. Investing in a good web design and user-experience is very important and can benefit a realtor in the long run.

(v) Identify and Target customers

Digital Marketing can immensely help Realtors identify, target, and convert their target prospects. Realtors are likely to understand what their prospects are searching for online and better understand their needs. Moreover, Digital Marketing helps Realtors reach out to their target segment through search engines, social media posts, or even through emails.

Understanding and being present at the right time for your prospects helps in better conversion rates which are imperative to the success of the real estate company. Apart from this, Realtors can also focus on building and nurturing relationships with their target customers to help in both customer acquisition as well as retention.

(vi) Builds Brand Authority and Reputation

The world of Real Estate Business highly depends on building and maintaining a reputation. A good brand image is likely to fetch sales, and prospects to a Realtor. Nowadays, buyers and sellers are depending on a real estate agent’s online presence before making any sort of financial decision.

Digital marketing is thus important in creating a strong brand image and reputation for a realtor as well as his company. Online reviews, websites, blogs, and ratings have a huge impact on the user-behavior of the target audience. Effective social media, email, and search engine marketing can help realtors stand apart from the crowd and gain their trust and credibility.

(vii) Establishing Brand Authority

Realtors can showcase their expertise in the Real Estate industry through social media and blog posts. This can help garner credibility and authority towards the Brand. Apart from this, Real estate agents can display their work, portfolio, and property listings to draw in their target customers.

This is easier online and takes much less time and effort. It also doesn’t always demand the physical presence of the Realtor making it easier for them to focus on other aspects of their business rather than showcasing and convincing cold prospects of their knowledge and expertise. Having a strong online presence through websites, social media profiles and blog content can immensely help realtors establish brand authority.

(viii) Personalization

Personalization is the key to building meaningful relationships with customers. The Real Estate Industry massively depends on experiences, relationships, and the reputation the Realtor holds. Digital marketing has made personalizing easier by understanding and zeroing on the target audience by understanding their purchase-behavior and needs.

Marketing tactics like email campaigns, social media posts can boost your Real estate growth through personalization of services and content. This can improve customer relationships and build engagement with your prospects and successfully convert them.

(ix) Reaching a Wider Audience

According to 2015 statistics, it showed that there was a 25 percent increase in marketing spends across the property sector, with an estimate of over 600 crores spent on digital marketing for real estate. Digital marketing undoubtedly helps reach a wider audience and helps attract a massive customer-base for the business.

Websites, Social media channels, and ad campaigns can have a huge impact on attracting and informing the audience of the Real estate company and its services. Apart from this, potential customers can also find properties with just a click and avail of services. This is why there is a rapid transition of real estate sectors towards digital marketing channels.

(x) Dominate Sales Funnel

Digital Marketing helps generate, nurture, and convert prospects to customers. This is not as effective in traditional marketing as it requires more time, money, and efforts from the side of Realtors.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing tactics allow the effective generation of leads through email and ad campaigns and generate faster and efficient sales. This in turn helps generate higher revenues as Realtors close deals and make sales at a much faster pace.

 Digital marketing strategies for Real Estate

Digital marketing strategies may vary based on their purpose, goals, platform chosen, budget, and tools. In this section, we take a look at several digital marketing strategies that marketers employ to grow and help Real Estate Businesses generate traffic, leads, and make sales along with bringing engagement, revenue, reputation, and more.

1. Brand Establishment

The building, establishing, and positioning of your Real Estate Business is the first and crucial step for your brand strength, growth, and success. A strong brand must have its vision, mission, values, and growth aligned together. A consistent brand image that is showcased on all platforms helps the brand gain trust, credibility, and is deemed professional in the eyes of your audience.

Brand establishment strategy involves understanding your own brand, your target audience, positioning your brand along with its message and tone of voice, defining and content marketing strategy, developing the website, and other necessary online portals for promotions and growth. Here are some ways your brand can be established online to get the right start for its digital journey. 

Ⓐ Develop Website The website is the first place your visitor goes to know about your Real estate company. Having a well-designed website with good loading speed, content, and user-friendly features is important to seem professional and make a good impression. Your website showcases your brand identity, your business, your properties/services, and more that help your prospects understand your brand and make a decision of engagement.

Ⓑ Landing Pages Landing pages are referred to as pages of the website or emails that influence your audience to take a desirable action for your brand. Whether it is making a purchase, or giving contact details, or subscribing to your services, your customer is likely to land on your landing page before making that decision. Hence, a well-designed landing page with persuasive content teamed with a clear offer and CTA is essential.

Ⓒ Local SEO/Business listing- Local SEO is often overlooked as a brand establishment tool by many brands. But this is where businesses usually acquire clients, inquiries, and traffic from. Establishing your real estate business locally with the help of google my business listing or any other business listing services helps get more visibility, reach the audience locally and drive quality traffic from prospective clients to the website.

Ⓓ SEO Search engine optimization helps your brand increase its rankings on the SERP, by now we all know that. But SEO implements the use of relevant, highly-targeted keywords that attract your target audience. Making your content, website, and listings SEO-friendly can boost your brand’s visibility which has a positive effect on your traffic to the site. Apart from this, providing quality content in the form of blogs can also help increase brand image and authority against your competition.

Ⓔ SMM Social media marketing may come before or after creating a website but this is also an important aspect of establishing your online presence. Social media helps your brand get known, seen, and recognized. Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest drive traffic to your website from audiences that visit your profile. SMM can also be an effective way to show your real estate’s brand image, offer sneak peek of your properties, and offer virtual tours, behind-the-scenes to get your audience interested in your business.

2. How to get more Site visit (Acquisition) 

While having a website is the first step in building your online presence, ensuring it receives a good amount of traffic flow is important. Traffic acquisition is the key to growing your business. The traffic you receive that is likely to engage and convert into customers, is why brands grow and are successful. Most of the digital marketing strategies that are employed are done to increase and drive traffic to the website.

The visitors on the website, then are exposed to your business, properties, and real estate services, offers, and blog that helps them make an informed purchase decision. This only happens when your website traffic belongs to your target customer base. Target and customer acquisition strategies are thus, highly researched, targeted, and tracked to understand the behavior of visitors, the channels they come from, and their activity on your site. There are several methods of driving traffic but ad campaigns like the following are the most effective.

Ⓐ PPC Ads- Key-word-oriented PPC ads target customer-segment relevant to the brand and increase brand awareness, site traffic, and sales. PPC ads on Google, Bing, and other search engines help generate instant traffic on your site and are a great way to increase customer acquisition for the Brand as they appear on the first page of SERPs.

Ⓑ Social Media Ads Social Media ad campaigns are also a great way to increase the following, and engagement of the audience which can be directed to your website. Facebook, Instagram ads are impactful in attracting new and relevant audiences to your sites. They also help influence purchase decisions, build trust, and increase customer engagement. Based on the customer journey and the buyer’s persona, social media ads are devised and run.

Ⓒ Email Campaigns- Email marketing and ad campaigns help increase traffic, nurture the generated leads and convert them. Emails are often used by brands to engage with their leads and already existing customers between purchases, by providing them with useful and relevant information, upcoming offers and discounts, product launches, and more.  

Ⓓ Influencer Marketing- Social media influencers are often approached by brands to promote their products and services. The reason is that people always believe people. Just like how reviews, client testimonials, and case studies impact on purchase decisions of customers, influencer’s opinions, reviews, and suggestions are often valued by their followers. For example, an influencer recommending your real estate services or offering virtual property tours can increase their reach, sales, and even bring traffic to their social media profile as well as their websites.

3. Brand Communication

In the cut-throat competition of today’s world, it has become important for Real estate companies and realtors to stand apart and be different. This is why clearly defining and communicating an idea of the Brand is a crucial way of standing apart from competitors and being perceived as unique.

Brand image and communication are mostly a way to connect with the customers emotionally as emotional triggers are the best way to influence buyer’s purchasing decisions. Right from choosing the platforms, to the well-constructed marketing messages, Brand communication requires clearly-defined strategy and implementation.

One of the key questions that need to be answered while crafting a brand communication strategy is defining the channels of communication. This is important as marketing messages and strategies vary according to the kind of platform chosen. While there are several platforms Real estate companies can choose from, some major ways of brand communications are mentioned below. 

Email Marketing- Email Marketing is often underestimated but it is a highly regarded strategy for Businesses to communicate, engage, and influence their potential customers and also retain existing customers. Brands can send emails about upcoming offers, property listings, discounts, or any new blog update via emails to inform customers about the happenings of their brand. Along with this, Email marketing is an important way to nurture your relationships with your customers and get them to respond to you with their feedback from time to time.

Social Media- Social media is a powerful way of showcasing your brand image and ideals that make your brand unique. It helps your Brand grow, promote, and engage with its followers through posts, comments, and direct messages. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are ideal for Brands to connect with customers and build a community for your brand. Showcasing your properties and tours, along with engaging and informative posts, user-generated content like client reviews and testimonials help increase your brand reputation in the eyes of your audience.

Website – Your website is the window to your Business. But, having a website is just not enough. Creating a website that speaks for your services is very important to establish and communicate with your visitors. Your website must clearly give an idea of what you are and what you do, and believe as a brand to your prospects. While websites are a great way to showcase your properties and real estate services and expertise, it can also be used to display your brand identity through stories, mission and vision, and reviews

SMS Marketing- SMS Marketing is excellent for Real estate businesses to leverage. It is a widely used method of brand communication, that builds customer engagement and relationships. It also informs customers about upcoming property listings or real estate investments that could interest them. Running efficient SMS campaigns and tracking results can effectively boost the company’s growth. 

Chatbots- Chatbots are evolving as an important customer support tool that saves time and efforts of your staff by answering fundamental questions regarding property sales, processes, and deals. Chatbots offer personalized messages and follow-up for customers and offer instant answers to common queries. This helps employees focus on other marketing, sales, and business aspects and only deal with interested prospects that are highly likely to convert.

Whatsapp Messages- WhatsApp Business is a platform that allows businesses to create accounts that showcase their business, along with company information and catalog. Real estate businesses can use WhatsApp to inform, engage and convert their customers. Apart from this WhatsApp Business allows for realtors to maintain a meaningful and constant relationship with their customers which helps boost their business and customer loyalty. 

Providing Offers-Providing exciting offers and discounts from time-to-time helps customers be interested in Businesses. Offers enables to attract customers and build a loyal customer-base. A strategically planned Offers and discounts can do wonders for any business. Real estate market can provide such attractive offers that increase value and revenue to the company.

4. Marketing Automation

With billions of businesses online, and people being exposed to several thousands of them on a daily basis, standing out from them is almost an impossible task. The daunting yet important task of generating leads and converting them only gets trickier with such a level of cut-throat competition amongst various other realtors. This is why marketers depend on marketing automation that helps identity, target, and generate leads from customers. 

Marketing has various levels, strategies, and processes to plan, execute, and monitor. By automating several stages of generating and nurturing the leads, they save both on time, efforts, and sometimes, even on money. Marketing automation also provides insights on customer behavior, social media activities, consumer interests, and purchase-behavior which in-turn helps marketers offer adjustments in strategies and welcomes promising results. 

Marketing automation also helps in personalizing marketing messages and strategies which helps build better customer relationships and engagement. There are several tools and software employed by marketers to automate their tasks depending on their budget, purpose, and features. Some of the features of marketing automation include Managing files, data, and leads, monitoring social media, nurturing leads, chatbots, integrations, and more. 

Digital Marketing Hacks to Double Your Real Estate Leads

There are several methods that digital markets use to help Real estate Businesses double up their leads. These require a high amount of research and understanding of the company’s target audience and the kind of properties they deal with.

Digital Marketers understand and are well-acquainted with the technical parts of the various platforms online and devise necessary strategies for each to help increase reach, generate leads, that would help convert them to close deals and make sales and higher revenue for Realtors.

Let’s look at some of the hacks that can double the real estate leads using digital marketing:

1.  Google my Business

This is one of the most underestimated hacks that many Realtors fail to utilize. Creating a Google My Business Account can help attract potential customers around your locality and help fetch easier and potential sales.

Often people rely on search engines like google to find the nearest services available in their area. Establishing yourself as a reliable and easily accessible realtor in the immediate area results immensely helpful in bringing more customers than you think! You can also add photos, links, and upcoming property listings and keep your profile updated.

2. Blog

Blogs are a powerful way to establish your Real estate company’s authority and showcase your Realty expertise. Creating high-quality and informative content in your blogs helps drive traffic to your website and build your SEO rankings on the Search engine result page.

Apart from this, Blogs build credibility around your Real Estate Brand. Providing quality information to your target audience based on what they are looking for will surely help grow your following online and build a reputation. Give insights, tips, and information on upcoming properties and rentals to inform and engage the audience.

3. Video Content

Videos are highly impactful and engaging. They grab the attention of your audience and work way better to inform and engage your target customers. According to statistics, It was found that 87% of online marketers use video content. This is no different when it comes to the Real estate industry.

Showcasing video content can help the audience get an idea about your brand, understand, and retain marketing messages better. Offer Q&A video sessions, or video tours of your available properties to entice your target customers to make sales. Keep your videos as short and professional as possible to build credibility and authority amongst your audience.

4. Podcasts/YouTube/Ebooks

Podcasts, YouTube channels, or even e-books are powerful ways of content creation and marketing to influence, attract customers, and generate leads. Offering helpful information, tips, and educating customers about the world of Real estate and its trends can massively help audiences get drawn towards your brand and place it in high regard. Besides this, Content creation of various types helps build authority to customers.

Hosting a podcast show, or YouTube channel is surely going to bring traffic to your website. While e-books can greatly help in generating leads and building an email list that can be effectively used for email-marketing.

5. Re-targeting

As much importance Realtors give to customer acquisition, the key to maintain a consistently growing Real estate business is customer retention. This is crucial as customer acquisition takes a lot more effort, time, and money compared to retaining customers.

Real Estate agents need to deepen and strengthen their relationships with their customer base and the best way to do that is by re-targeting and engaging with potential customers. Having a solid and consistent interaction with your customers through email marketing, blogs, social media marketing to retarget and bring back customers.

6. Ad-campaigns

Whether it is Google ads or on social media channels, advertising can be effective to attract potential buyers, sellers, and customers. Devising strategic and highly-targeted ad-campaigns with clearly defined goals can immensely help your Real estate company draw in the right customers.

Find out where and how your target customers like buyers, sellers, financial investors interact with respective social media platforms and devise ad campaigns accordingly. Ad-campaigns can be cost-effective to give your Brand better awareness, exposure, and sales if used effectively.

7. Online Reputation Management

When it comes to Real Estate Marketing, your reputation as a Realtor matters the most. Online reputation management helps control, strategize, and build your reputation and how you are perceived in your industry as well as your online presence.

This can help build the brand reputation, trust, credibility, and awareness that is beneficial in the long run. Effective Digital marketing strategies address any negative remarks and solve it while enhancing your good remarks and strong points of your brand to your audience.

8. Local SEO

Realtors can reap huge benefits from ranking higher on search engine result pages for local SEO. Local SEO refers to SEO tactics that help your Real estate business be more visible in SERPs for local search results on Google. This makes your Business visible to local and nearby potential customers looking for immediate services.

If your Real Estate Business has a physical office, Local SEO can help potential customers from nearby localities find and avail of your services. Things like adding your business information and contact information in the Google listings, ranking your page for local keywords, and so on can massively help in bringing in nearby customers of your area.

9. Social Media Marketing

As an integral part of the Digital Marketing strategy, social media marketing is something no realtor should miss out on. Showcasing your presence on different social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc can help bring in a lot of clients and increase your brand’s awareness.

Effective social media strategies can help influence the purchase decisions of your audience, build an online community, and increase your brand engagement as well as reputation in the industry. Realtors can also display their property listings, post videos, and images of their properties, client testimonials, and so on to grab attention and increase their reach.

10. Client Testimonials and Case Studies

As simple as it sounds, this is one of the best ways to build trust and make sales. Reputation and word-of-mouth like said before, matter a lot in the Real estate industry. User-generated content, reviews, and testimonials matter and are powerful no matter what industry. People tend to believe people.

Showcase your reviews, case studies, and client testimonials on websites, Google my business account, and social media profiles. This will surely give you an edge over the competition. Your client’s need to trust you before they buy from you, showcasing your expertise and previous customer satisfaction is the best way to go!

11. Media Mix

Media Mix consists of strategically planning and releasing marketing messages in various channels and platforms that include emails, billboards, websites or even social media. It is done so meet varied marketing goals of the Real estate Business. Media mix ensures to keep a consistent communication with buyers, prospects and loyal customers through varied marketing campaigns in relevant channels. 

It is conducted after thorough customer research and their behavior along with the understanding of what platforms they are active on. This marketing method helps increase brand awareness, engagement and helps to generate leads for the Real estate business. Besides, when people see your business in multiple channels, it helps perceive your brand as credible and popular.

12. Banner Ads

Banner ads are important and mainly used for increasing brand awareness and promoting any business offers and discounts. Real estates widely use Banners to inform, engage and attract audiences with beautiful displays of apartments, villas, and properties. This, if not converts the audience, surely helps build interest in your Brand. 

Banners are graphic, creative and are displayed in a way that catches the eye of the audience. Marketing tactics like re-targeting and personalization help display these banners on relevant sites and platforms where the target customer base spends time. 

13. Infographics

Infographics are easy to understand and help offer customers a crisp and consolidated overview of information regarding real estate. With the help of images, lesser text, and creative graphics, Infographics are much easier to digest and glance at. 

Infographics are used to explain important concepts, information, data, and processes to customers in a simple manner. This visually-compelling marketing tactic helps in knowledge retention and brand recall.

14. Virtual Site Visit

Especially during these times of pandemic, Virtual site visits are excellent for potential customers to stay at the comfort of their home and still explore properties and apartments. This is one of the best things a Realtor and Real estate businesses can benefit from during this difficult time.

 Offering Virtual site tours to your prospects, and have their common questions answered through goof customer support and open doors for sales even now. Technology has expanded and evolved to let people sit at their homes and browse and tour different properties and choose.

15. Personal Property Experts

Showcasing your expertise and offering valuable insights, advice and reviews on properties can immensely help garner reputation, credibility and trust from customers. Especially in Real estate business, Realtors can offer their expert guidance and claim settlements. 

Providing property reports, real estate settlements and estimating the fair value of the property in the market are some of the services, a personal property expert can provide to attract, engage and convert customers.

16. S-Marketing

Integrating sales and marketing in real estate business can potentially smoothen the sales processes and increase revenue. Sales and marketing are interdependent on each and needs to align their goals and targets to meet the real estate company’s objectives. Marketing tactics when infused with sales, is referred to as S-marketing

The strategic and common-integrated approach helps both the departments work together and more efficiently to fulfil business objectives. Coupling this approach with effective technology and resources to keep a track on progress and monitor and analyse results will enhance sales revenue for the business. 

 Trending Digital Marketing Tools for Real Estate

There are various tools both free and paid- that are available to smoothen, simplify, and organize various digital marketing strategies. In this section, we focus to delve into some of the many various trending digital marketing tools, their benefits for each aspect of digital marketing.

Real estate digital marketing can leverage these tools to help strengthen their strategies and drive better results and impact on their brand. These tools can be used for any industry, and offer many features that help digital marketers stay focused and ahead in their marketing tactics.


Or also known as Search Engine Optimization is referred to as processes, and tactics used for helping websites rank higher in the SERPs. This includes various aspects such as keyword research, link building, website optimization, creating SEO-friendly content, and more.

Real estate Marketing can highly benefit from SEO as it helps their real estate business get noticed and chosen better.

These are some of the highly recommended SEO tools that many digital marketers use.

a. MOZ- one of the best SEO tools that let you manage various aspects of your SEO campaign, understand your audience, and channels that brought them to your website.

b.  SEMrush- a highly used SEO tool for business to understand the company’s domain ranking, competitors’ keywords as well other keywords that are generating traffic.

c.  Ahrefs– A link search that is highly recommended by digital marketers across the world, it is used for backlinks and SEO analysis. It has the largest base of live links, huge and best speed indexes.

 ② Social Media

Another important aspect of digital marketing is social media marketing. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more have emerged to be a powerful place for Real estate Businesses to grow and promote themselves.

But often, it can be overwhelming for digital marketers to manage, schedule, and deliver content on all platforms, which is why they implement several social media tools to plan, schedule, create campaigns, track and monitor profiles for effective social media marketing. Real estate Businesses too, can leverage these tools for growth, showcase, and promote their businesses online. 

a.  Hootsuite- one of the biggest management tools, a perfect tool for managing various social media profiles in one place. It helps curate, schedule content, measure ROI, runs social media ads, and more.

b.  Buffer- A smooth social media management, Buffer is one of the most trusted software. It offers various features to plan, schedule, and streamline content and provides reports and analytics.

c. CoSchedule– An all-around marketing calendar that allows teams to collaborate and plan, schedule social media posts, events, tasks, and content easily It is a great tool for companies to organize various projects.

③ Competitor Information

When it comes to running a business, one needs to be well-informed of their competitors. In the field of real estate, realtors must ensure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, arrivals, and their competitors’ sites.

Software tools that help identify competitor metrics, analyze their site, and provide relevant information can help modify, and evolve the business to stay ahead in the market.

a.  SimilarWeb- The software allows one to see website traffic, their key metrics which include engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source. The extension provides in-depth statistics for any website you browse, in a single click

b.  SpyFu- one of the well-known software for competitor information and also in the SEO game due to a deep feature set, excellent reporting, and solid support for digital marketing and advertising.

④ Email Marketing

The power of Email Marketing for real estate is something that can’t be overlooked. Emails can be an impactful way to inform and engage with your prospects and customers and influence them to purchase properties and invest in real estate.

Offering upcoming service launches, discounts, property listing, or even helpful information can massively help in keeping your customers informed and aware of your brand. But with a huge database of real estate companies, it often becomes difficult to keep a track of all emails and content to be created and sent.

This is why digital marketers use automated tools that make email marketing easy and simple. These tools are automated and can send out emails to thousands in one-go and also comes with various features that help measure, analyze, and track the campaign effectively. 

a. Drip- One of the versatile marketing tool software that allows message personalization, integration with e-commerce platforms. It also offers customizing emails for personalization, and also has conversion tracking features to monitor the campaign.

b. Mailchimp– one of the well-known email marketing software that helps in email creation, and scheduling. It also offers valuable insights and optimizes marketing efforts. Mailchimp also makes it easy to design emails, and also allows automating it based on the customer journey.

c. Get Response- This software allows effective management contacts and creates professional-level marketing campaigns. It also tracks viewers, unsubscribes, clicks on your email campaigns, and lets one add custom contact and conduct searches.

d. Mailerlite– This is one of the best and widely used email marketing tools and offers advanced features like automation, landing pages and surveys that are easy to use and create automated email campaigns without losing the personal touch. 

e. Constant Contact– The software offers several hundred design templates to choose from. Constant Contact allows detailed reports of email campaigns showcasing the number of opt-outs, complaints, bounces, forwards, and click-throughs.

⑤ SMS Marketing

If you think SMS Marketing is outdated, you’re wrong. SMS Marketing is still impactful and can help in influencing and informing customers and prospects about your Real Estate services. Tactics like sending messages about upcoming property listings, thank you or welcome messages or any automated messages can give your Real estate business an edge over the others.

There are several SMS software that helps digital marketers deliver SMS campaigns for businesses.

a.WhatsApp for Business– WhatsApp for Business allows maintenance of contacts, messaging, and sharing of documents and images easily. They also offer features to showcase your products, update stories, and display business hours and details

b. Kaleyra- an API-based platform, Kaleyra offers to engage your clients with personalized messages, chatbots, programmable voice services, and more. The software integrates various channels to carry out business operations.

Aritic PinPoint- One can seamlessly automate business funnels right from attracting to converting customers. This automated marketing tool has features that help in lead nurturing and conversion of potential customers.

⑥ Landing Pages 

Landing pages are highly important for conversions. They are the one page of the website or emails, that are solely created to convert the leads into customers and get them to engage with the business.

Real estate businesses can leverage landing pages as property listing sites with relevant information, images, and CTAs to help customers make better decisions. The landing pages can be optimized to be SEO-friendly to help attract better traffic to the site.

Digital marketers use several tools to modify, monitor and test what works the best for landing pages. These software tools help create, optimize, track, and monitor landing pages and give in-depth insights and analysis. 

a. Click Funnels- The software allows you to pick a sales funnel that is designed to sell your product and attract traffic. It allows businesses to sell products online by simply selecting the desired sales funnel and some modifications on the page.

b. InstaPage- Although quite expensive, InstaPage offers 200+ templates to create stunning, on-brand, mobile-responsive landing pages. It is an extremely user-friendly software that allows users to create beautiful landing pages easily.

c. Unbounce – one of the best landing page software to exist, Unbounce offers an easy way to build and test landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. It has an easy user interface and affordable software for landing pages.

d. Leadpages– Leadpages software helps to create beautiful landing pages and helps capture leads and convert them. It integrates various digital marketing tools and channels and is quite user-friendly.

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