How does the Startup Ecosystem function and how marketing strategies work for startups?

People form a startup ecosystem, startups in their various stages, and multiple types of organizations in a location, interacting as a system to create and scale new startup companies. These organizations can be additionally divided into categories such as universities, funding organizations, support organizations, research organizations, service provider organizations, and large corporations.

As an entrepreneur, you presumably have more than enough to keep you busy. Whether you’re a thriving founder with several companies under your watch or getting ready to launch your first startup, there will always issue to resolve.

“Being a startup you have a lot more things to do right from setting up your business KPI working on it and managing the smooth workflow top of that if you take over the marketing strategies, content planning, content development, and its execution will exhaust your time budget and energy that will lead you to deviate from your business KPIs.”

Nevertheless, despite your hectic schedule, you should always make time to not only build your own company but build the community that surrounds your company. As you’ll see in this article, we will highlight some features of our digital marketing agency in Bangalore and how they assist you in developing marketing strategies for your local startup ecosystem is not as hard as it seems, and also yields several benefits for you and your startup.

Importance of digital marketing for a startup?

1. Inexpensive Customer Research

While a company like Dove has years of customer research to back each product, startups are too new to know exactly what their customers want. Technology can be used to track, monitor, and interpret buying behavior. Through technology, companies can figure out which products and demographics work best for their business. Rather than waste millions of dollars on an ineffective television advertisement and ineffective marketing strategies, the startup can directly target the consumer that they know is interested in the product.

2. Retain Clients

Twitter campaigns, social media posts, and webinars all provide an opportunity for engaging the client directly. Through digital marketing, customers feel like they have a personal, one-on-one relationship with the company.

Once this communication is developed, it takes a minimal amount of effort for the startup to keep their clients. Apart from engaging clients, social media campaigns also help to drive traffic to the company’s website and market new offerings.

3. Utilizing Metrics to Drive Success

An increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices to get online and find out about products. Because of the widespread access to traditional computers and mobile devices, online marketing is one of the most efficient ways of marketing to consumers. Additionally, it offers real-time metrics for the startup to measure the success of their campaign.

Instead of trying to guess the number of newspaper readers who looked at a print ad, the startup knows instantly their viewers who are reading and interacting with their advertisements.

Startups can customize their marketing approach to specific locations and demographics. These sophisticated tools allow digital marketers to find out about the customer’s buying behavior and identify new opportunities. Also, digital marketing makes it easier to discover which offerings are useful and which products should be created to match the consumer’s needs.

4. Developing the Right Digital Marketing Approach

When creating a digital marketing strategy, companies have to tailor their approach carefully. Digital marketing allows all aspects of the advertisements, emails, and content to be integrated into each other. From creating a website to posting a webinar, these techniques must be planned out in advance for them to be effective.

Why choose a digital marketing agency over freelancers?

Many businesses dream of keeping their marketing efforts in the house. Such teams are solely dedicated to you, and their only goal is to keep your online reputation consistently good.

However, you cannot hire one or two people to manage your entire digital marketing strategy and expect them to achieve stellar results. Digital marketing strategies are sophisticated and, to get the most out of it, you need to hire an actual team of professionals, educate them, and equip them with the right tools.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a better option for your business.

If you do your research and hire a person that accords your goals and passion, outsourcing your marketing efforts to a freelancer may be one of the best options for your company. Here is why:

• Dedication to your business and greater flexibility

A freelancer normally doesn’t take multiple projects at once, meaning that they can fully dedicate themselves to you as a client.

And, the fact that they usually work with one client at a time also means that they’re more flexible than agencies. Concentrating solely on the needs of your business, they are faster when it comes to making ad hoc changes and meeting the necessities of your business.

This is something you need to discuss with a freelancer before hiring them. Constantly make sure that they’re available to you when you need them and that they can tailor their tasks according to your schedule.

• Fewer costs

When hiring a reliable digital marketing agency, you’re probably focused on building relationships in the long run. Sure, this will cost you a pretty penny. With freelancers, it’s different. Unlike agencies, they can be hired for a specific time or even per project.

Therefore, if you don’t need their services anymore or you notice that your goals don’t align, you’re not obliged to keep working with them. Our online marketing company in Bangalore fits your needs accordingly.

• Multiple management issues

The problem lies in the fact that there is no assurance that the freelancer will understand what exactly you’re looking for and meet your business’ needs. Simply put, they’re not a part of your business, and, as such, they’re not familiar with your corporate culture and goals.

Another distinct disadvantage of working with freelancers is that, well, they’re only one person. No matter how dedicated and hard-working there are, they cannot handle multiple aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Freelancers usually specialize in one field of digital marketing strategies, meaning that you will need to hire an entire team of freelancers to handle your whole online strategy.

• Fresh Approach

Agencies hire the top-notch digital marketing experts that will schedule an in-person meeting with you as a client and have an excellent, long talk with you about your marketing goals, values, and missions. Based on the facts they gather, they will create a custom digital marketing strategy just for you.

They always come with a fresh and original view, and this is a wonderful opportunity to grow a unique and recognizable brand image through your marketing campaigns.

• Greater consistency

If you need help with a specific project, you will probably decide to choose a freelancer.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for startups

However, if you want to build a consistent digital marketing strategy and watch it grow over time, then an agency is the right choice for you. Most importantly, an agency can handle different aspects of your digital marketing efforts, from website design to SEO.


Startup companies can use critical elements like creating a website that truly showcases the essence of the brand, video marketing, conducting PPC campaigns, and social media marketing. Our SEO agency in Bangalore is here to fulfill all your needs.

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