Inbound Marketing is a Process of drawing customers’ attention to your products or services through content marketing, Social media Marketing, Branding, and Search Engine Optimization.

You started an E-Commerce business; you have decided what you’re going to sell and whom you’re going to sell to. The bucks should start rolling in. Sounds simple enough, right?

Not Really!

Once you get into the industry, you’ll find that your company is just a drop in a sea of e-commerce companies, all vying to grab attention from prospective customers.

The prospective customer is not going to come knocking on your door anytime soon! The prospective customer in the digital age is elusive, to say the least.

In the digital age, information is easy to access and the consumer is empowered because they are highly aware of all their options in the market. With the abundance of information available online, customer preferences are constantly changing and as an e-commerce business, you have to keep up with the consumer.

How do you do this?

Inbound Marketing Services refers to methods of marketing that involve drawing customers in – rather than outwardly pushing your product onto customers.

This can be a great method to catch prospective customer’s attention and generate leads for your business growth. Inbound marketing uses a combination of marketing strategies such as content marketing, SEO, and social media in creative ways to capture attention from prospects.

Inbound Marketing companies specialize in expanding a company’s reach, getting in the right customers to visit your company’s website, engaging those customers, and getting them to meet your marketing goals.

When it comes to persuading customers to buy from your e-commerce business there are many strategies that you can employ. One such strategy is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) which a KPI which any Digital Marketing Agency would use.

You might assume that getting your customers to visit your website is enough. You could not be more wrong. If people are visiting your website and not taking any desired action to fulfill your marketing goals, then it is a waste of the company’s marketing efforts.

This is why ensuring that a high percentage of website visitors are converted into subscribers, account holders or customers is necessary for driving business growth and maximizing the ROI for your marketing campaign.

CRO is one such metric that helps you analyze a website visitor’s movements, what actions they are willing to take and what prevents them from following through on any particular action.

If your website is drawing in 2000 website visitors in a month then, according to research by Digital Marketing Agency you should be getting anywhere between 1% and 3% of conversions or 20 to 60 leads a month. But these figures represent average performance for a company if you want your company to be a top performer; you need to get as many as 9% conversions.

You can increase your conversions from 20 to 100 leads by incorporating a few inbound marketing tactics.

If you’re looking to grow your business by 6x then implement these inbound marketing strategies which have been gathered from professionals in our Inbound Marketing Agency.

Why Inbound Marketing is in limelight?

1. User Experience

Take a long hard look at your website; does it list out all your services and product features, your company’s contact information and address? If yes, then it sounds like your website reads like a phonebook! And people only use phonebooks when they run out of options.

Your company’s website should leave a great impression in the mind of your prospects and it should be the first name that pops up in their heads when they are looking for products and services you sell.

Top 10 Reasons to Go for Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing agency can help you can accomplish this with enhanced user experience. A customer visiting your website should feel like they have a magic lamp in their hands which can conjure up their wishes in seconds.

This does not mean that you have to have 3D effects and expensive widgets for your website. It is all about understanding the user’s needs sometimes even when they are not aware of those needs, helping them discover new and exciting things and enabling them to become completely immersed in your website.

The user needs to think of going through your website like having a conversation with a trustable and reliable friend who advises them, looks out for their best interest and helps them discover things about themselves which they did not even know.

Inbound Marketing Services help you make this personal connection and enable you to create a great user experience for increased conversions.

2. Buyer Journey

Many times customers go to a website and they immediately press the back button as they do not find anything that is relevant for their requirements. Your website should find a way to keep the customer engaged and prevent them from pressing that back button.

There are different types of people who visit your website, some who are completely aware of all your services and wish to hire you, some who know nothing about your services and some who know about your services but need more information to make their buying decision.

According to experts in our Digital Marketing Agency, your website should be designed in such a way that it is flexible to address the needs and the challenges faced by these different types of website visitors who are at different stages of the buying process.

This needs a meticulous strategy that involves mapping out a seamless journey to enable each type of visitor at a particular stage in the buying process to transition into a customer.  This is especially true these days when people are impatient and have no time to go through everything on a website which is why Inbound Marketing services became popular. These services help you plan out specific routes for each type of visitor and keep them engaged.

3. Content Development

Blogging uses the technique of providing helpful, relevant information to lure prospects. Blogs should be valuable and relevant to the target audience. It is a great way to increase organic traffic coming to your website through search engines.

To ensure that your website is completely relevant for each type of visitor it is important to identify what information would be relevant for them (our Digital Marketing agency can help you do just that).

Top 10 Reasons to Go for Inbound Marketing

How do you ensure the right information reaches the right type of visitor at the right stage of the buying process? In order to provide relevant content for the visitor, you need to develop content based on the questions that a buyer would ask your company in the buying process.

Based on these answers, you need to develop pages that address concerns, needs, and wishes of each type of visitor keeping in mind the context in which the visitor is seeking information.

By incorporating this step in inbound marketing you are preventing high prospective visitors from walking out on your company before they even know what it is about. It is said to be a crucial step that often gets overlooked in conversion strategy, email marketing, lead nurturing and content marketing.

Content Marketing Agency can give you the best strategy to map out individual user expectations, needs, and concerns and develop rich content that meets these demands to optimize your conversion rates.

Google search engines reward good content by diverting online traffic your way but to get the ball rolling, you should promote all your content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This can help you reach out to more people and divert online traffic to your website.

The more online traffic you attract, the more leads you will be able to secure and the more ROI would be able to generate from your marketing efforts (our Digital Marketing agency can help you do just that).

4. Variety in content

You need to provide content in a variety of forms to make information easily digestible to specific types of website visitors. Some website visitors learn the information better through infographics, videos, and visual aids, your website needs these to help them get the information using methods that are effective for reaching out to them. Some website visitors are keen to learn the depth of every topic; providing whitepapers could be a great way to lure them.

Your website content needs to be adaptable and flexible to meet the unique requirements of different types of website visitors. An Inbound marketing company can provide you with diverse content in various formats suited to each type of website visitor and their learning preferences.

5. Call to Action

In addition to providing relevant and helpful content for prospects, it is important to be able to deliver a call to action from the blogs that you write, because these blogs are not just meant to be read by the user.

Your website should provide information to prospects and at the same time get them to perform the desired action that meets your marketing goals.

The desired action could be either in the form of signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, signing up for a demo or even better purchasing a product/service.

Top 10 Reasons to Go for Inbound Marketing

A Call to Action (CTA) should be delivered in such a way that the website visitor cannot help but perform the desired action. Inbound Marketing Services use a variety of tactics like creating urgency in CTA messages by playing on a user’s fear of missing out (FOMO). This is a crucial step to increase conversions.

6. Post-visit Site conversion

Some website visitors can make their purchase on your website and leave and never come back. Some visit your website multiple times before they finally purchase something from you and some visit and don’t think of returning back to your website.

Attracting these web visitors is one step in the game, getting them to come back again and again – each time optimizing the user experience for visitors by providing relevant information and mapping out their actions to meet marketing goals- takes strategy.

Inbound Marketing Services can help you develop a great strategy to do this. The more helpful your website is in providing information, the more likely the visitor would end up doing business with you.

This is how to lead nurturing was conceptualized to turn visitors into frequent visitors who end up purchasing from your company if not now, later in time.

All these leads are going to increase your sales and closing these leads is important as they are at a critical stage of the buying process; Handholding is important to convert these leads into a customer (Find out more by contacting experts at out Digital Marketing Agency)

How do push leads that are on the brink of making a buying decision? Let’s say a lead makes an inquiry about a product, you follow up with the user on his inquiry and provide him with suggestions about other related products/services based on his user preferences.

This involves automating your marketing efforts in line with past user actions. Marketing Automation and Email Marketing are great strategies to develop personalize marketing messages to leads to remind them of that item they left in their cart or that product that they enquired about or that service that is now available in their location.

Our Inbound Marketing Company helps you nurture leads and personalize your interactions with leads to develop a strong relationship with them and increase your conversions.

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