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Has your website’s ranking honeymoon-period over? Did your Competitors pull you back in ranking in just a few days’ time? Or Are You Fed up of paying huge sums to Content Writers at regular intervals for refuelling rankings?

Promarketo delivers unique, appealing, engaging and market researched Content understanding your business objectives. Content is the core to any winning strategy. And you need to think about it from day one. But, then again just great content is not enough. You need a well-thought-out and well-crafted SEO content. We custom content that gives the results you wished for.

Get Unique and Engaging Content

The SEO writing technique takes into many factors which Google or any other search engine considers whether to place your website on top of the list or bottom. Of course, no one wants to bottom out. So, turn to us to get a crackling copy that gets cracking.

✓ Quality for Sure

We do extensive content experiments that help us to narrate result-oriented content for your needs. The quality never comes in one shot so our team keeps on upgrading your content by using various premium content analyzer tools and content management device.

✓ Interactive Content

Promarketo strongly believes in Interactive content that promotes your product or services and compels users to take actions on your web pages. There was an era where one-way content ruling now the market changed over the time so we deliver content that voice of the website and communicates to the masses.

✓ Creative SEO copy

Besides clean writing with proper sentence, correct spelling, structure, grammar and punctuations, your copy needs to be owned by you. It should reflect what you want and aim for. In short, the content should be an extension of not just your brand but also your personality. And we seek to give that ownership to you.

✓ Proper keyword usage

One of the keys to good SEO copy is placing the right keywords at all the right places. Not too much and not too little, but just right mix. We hope to deliver that magical formula.

✓ Sufficient content:

At times an area of concern, is how much to write. Less can deflect the search engines while more can distract the potential customer. Our balanced copy with appropriate length can provide the answer to this dilemma.

✓ Professional Copywriting Services

Our goal is to simplify your needs and meet your expectation. Our writing technique takes into many factors which Google or any other search engine considers whether to place your website on top of the list or bottom Our content writers write as per client’s needs, matching with each and every text. We do write website reviews, rewriting and all other genres of writing are provided here!

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Team Promarketo are always able to address every problem we had immediately and adequately. Promarketo knows business and what it takes to reach higher levels of success. As a full-service marketing agency, Promarketo creates Strong Digital Marketing Strategies for your organization by taking your entire project from scratch to finish and reduce costs.

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Our Copywriting Services

✓ Blog Content         

Writing blog is the best way to Keep your website updated and boost its SEO rank. We help you with supplying best content that will help you to optimize your website and keep your visitors stay updated.

✓ Services description

In the service industry, it’s very much important to reach out about your services. We write the content that let your visitors know what your service offerings and how it can help people.

✓ Product Description

The product description is important for creating awareness about the products and for SEO ranking. A good product description increases the chances of conversion and product sale.

✓ Social Media Content

Social media is all about creative content & engagement. Now Manage your business social media accounts by regularly posting creative and engaging content.

✓ Case Study

Sharing of Real-time experiences to the target audience always converts more. Now Share your real-time experiences about your product or service has been successfully implemented by your customers.

✓ Sales Proposals

Showcase your business ideas to investors, business offerings to prospective clients, and business vision and mission to new employees by creating visually appealing and informative presentations.

✓ Press Release

Let people know about your product launch, events, etc. and get a positive brand image.

✓ Email Content

Craft personalized email content and get new leads from your email marketing efforts.

✓ Ad Copy Writing

Create promotional content that will help you improve your brand image and increase your sales.

How Promarketo does it for you?

✓ Transparent

As the project unfolds, we made it simple so that clients can see the progress on a real-time. We are strongly focused on the transparent way of working with clients. It helps us deliver high-quality content with no typos. Our copywriters follow the initial questionnaires collected from clients at the beginning of the project.

✓ We Strictly Follow TAT

We strictly follow Turn-Around-Time to meet the delivery time and client’s expectations. We strictly adhere to the deadline – no exceptions, no excuses, and no explanations.

✓ A 3-Step Process

Three-step editing process ensures the best quality content – in the step first, the writer proofreads the content, then in the second step we use proofreading software to spot the typos which usually human unnoticeable, and then in the final step, the content is edited and proofread by our experienced editors with correct keyword optimization is your elixir of success in the online world. We have that bottle ready.

Case studies

  1. An Architect Firm in Jayanagar was seeking a digital marketing agency to consult about the website and digital marketing strategies to improve their organic ranking and lead generation. They ask us to build a website when Promarketo Team tried to know more about the requirements; they asked us to suggest what would best for them? Our Team taken it on priority note delivered highly appealing, clean coding, Smooth Navigation with the highly user-friendly website that helped them to generate hundreds of leads. Now Promarketo team is working on their conversion rate optimization to drive great ROI for them. With us, You don’t need a big budget or a long-six-week to get started.
  1. Dr Ahuja, a famous Yoga Trainer in the middle east wanted to promote his website to reach out to the people who need yoga fitness training. Team ProMarketo helped him reaching out huge targeted audience through Google Ads, Facebook-Instagram Ads and sales funnel that shown 149.6% of growth in his ROI. Now he has signed up with us for annual marketing strategies including SEO, Social Media Management and lead generation. In Order to provide him with the best services, Promarketo has assigned our two-account managers to ensure the best results on his investments. Promarketo is strongly driven by the purpose and the purpose is to serve our clients and fulfill their requirements.
  1. An Education Consultancy helping students to get admission abroad approached us for generating the leads our team has collected all the required information and started the project. They said that their CPC on Google Adwords is close to Rs. 99.70 so they will be happy if we deliver the same quality leads and reduce the Ad cost. We started working on Ads and initially our Cost Per Click went Rs. 60.23 but our team kept doing a lot of A/B testing with multiple landing pages and Ad campaigns that helped us to reduce the Cost Per Click which is just Rs. 17.58. As per the previous session whatever leads we generated now are helping our client to improve their conversion with the help of re-targeting ads.


Join over 1,557 subscribers who get fresh content from us on a weekly basis.

Join over 1,557 subscribers who get fresh content from us on a weekly basis.




Promarketo is a premier digital Marketing agency with proven results. We are passionate about using the power of the Internet to grow any business. If you are Looking for ways to boost brand awareness & your business presence, Promarketo Digital Marketing Agency will Help you Engaging the right audience for your business to get a huge ROI.

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