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Even in today’s highly competitive e-Commerce Business, the twin rule ‘User-friendly & Trust sites’ are dominating and driving huge sales every single day. The internet has opened up greater possibilities of growth for eCommerce business if you do it in a well-planned way. Promarketo Web Design and development ensures well-researched ready eCommerce store with Unlimited Features like highly appealing and responsive product pages with secure payment gateway integration, Video tutorial & Instruction Guide, 360 degree customisation like colour, banner, contact Information, one-click product updates, delete, modify & support for chat, shipping, Powerful multiple Admin Panel, and dual cloud Backup & more others.

Make Your eCommrce Website A Sales Engine

Our Sales Funnel Help You maximize Your Conversions. 

An eCommerce website is essential for running an online business, however, it is equally important to have one with best performance. The bottom line for a good eCommerce website is to convert your viewers into your buyers. And our experience and services can give you that right leap.

✓ User-friendly:

We will discuss with you who exactly are your consumers and design the interface of the website keeping user in mind.

✓ Minimalistic design:

This does not mean your eCommerce website appears bare. We will put in the required information creatively and remove any unnecessary details or flux that might distract your consumer.

✓ Easy navigation:

This is important. Not all of us are techies. We will help provide a website that is easily understood by a viewer to make shopping a pleasure.

✓ Large buttons and readable fonts:

Your viewer should be able to locate the purchase or log out buttons easily. Importantly, the font will be such that the text is clear.

✓ Clear product pricing:

In this case, honesty is the best policy. All your costs should be made plain to the customer right from product price to any shipping charges.

✓ Excellent images:

Pictures speak a thousand words. In the case of your eCommerce website, high quality images of your products can immediately draw in the viewer.

✓ Brief text:

Your user is interested in product offerings not in long story. Our content will be organised in few words, or brief paragraphs, or bullet points to drive home the message.

✓ A natural flow of the eyes:

We will keep in mind the natural flow of the eyes during web design so that the customers are smoothly guided.

✓ Clean layouts:

Each of your products in your website will be clearly distinguished from each other. We will help design the product catalogue pages to be neat, clear and appealing.

✓ Optimised web pages:

Our responsive web design services will ensure that all your pages are can be adapted to any device screen be it laptops or smartphones.

✓ Verified contact information:

It is important that your website presents verified credentials. Your consumer should be able to contact you or your designated operative to clear any doubts or queries.

✓ Secure modes of payment:

This is extremely important for you and your customer. Customers not only seek easy payment options such as credit, debit, digital wallets or cash on delivery but need to know that online transactions are secure and their payment details safe. Our backend technical logistics can help.

✓ Marketing Automation:

Your eCommerce website will be designed with an inbuilt marketing automation mechanism. Meaning your customers will be aware of all their transactions. They will be kept updated on the delivery process till it is delivered via SMS sent on their mobiles registered with your website.

With Promarketo, you can relax on website issues. We are having a team of eCommerce experts help you Cheerfully grow your business.

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Team Promarketo are always able to address every problem we had immediately and adequately. Promarketo knows business and what it takes to reach higher levels of success. As a full-service marketing agency, Promarketo creates Strong Digital Marketing Strategies for your organization by taking your entire project from scratch to finish and reduce costs.

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How do we deliver quality eCommerce Website Design?

1. Website Design: Initial PhasePromarketo digital marketing funnel

Here we sit down with you and dig deeper about your brand and how the website design workflow will help move it forward.

✓ We Plan with You!

What functions and features will your website have to stand out? What kind of content do you need? What are your overall online marketing goals? We take detailed inputs from you to get your expectation into reality without any sarcastic promises.

✓ Let’s Beat Your Competitors.

If you don’t know who is taking your potential customers? then you are losing. You must know your competitors! We’ll help you research their online presence and strength to see what growth strategies are resonating with their audience, how effective their keywords and contents are and what they are doing online.

2. Website Design: Creative Phase.Promarketo digital marketing web development creative phase

After gathering the necessary insights from you and about your competitors, it’s time to put together the building blocks of your website.

✓ A Sitemap!

And then we’ll map out all of the web pages so that we can start developing the creative contents. The sitemap is the basic structure of the navigation and is extremely helpful for crawling the website by search engine’s bots.

✓ Look & Feel.

In this stage, we plan out the fonts, alignments, and color combination we will use. Common items that are exposed in this stage are catchy headlines and paragraph font styles, colors, size, animations, navigation, and the style of graphics contents that may be used.

✓ Website Wireframe.

This is the blueprints for your website. We put the architectural ideas into a visual design that ensure quality user experience from the beginning and the design flow from page to page.

3. Website Design: Development Phase.

in this phase, we start the coding process and combine the sitemap, look & feel, wireframes and content together to build the design and layout of Promarketo web development procedurethe web pages. The development phase is where most of the work is being done with page layout, custom graphics, icons, infographics, text layout and all of the responsive coding to make the site work across all devices.

4. Website Design: Launch Phase

The launch stage is much important, here we prepare the site to transition to get on the live domain and make sure nothing left out or overlooked.

✓ Testing

There are many operating systems, browsers, devices, resolutions and personalized settings, our third-party testing team ensures responsiveness ease of navigations considering all these parameters.

✓ Domain Mapping, 301’S & 404’SDigital marketing and website services

When launching a new website or redesigning a current website, we want to map URL’s to maintain & improve SEO. We also install tracking pixels such as Google Analytics, google tag manager, conversation tracking and submit your sitemap to the major search engines.

5. Post To Website Design!

Now the website is designed and launched, then what? We are here to assist with all Digital Marketing Services and website maintenance efforts through our monthly retained service plans.  A successful web design project is always a successful website that generates sales for your business.

Case studies

  1. An Architect Firm in Jayanagar was seeking a digital marketing agency to consult about the website and digital marketing strategies to improve their organic ranking and lead generation. They ask us to build a website when Promarketo Team tried to know more about the requirements; they asked us to suggest what would best for them? Our Team taken it on priority note delivered highly appealing, clean coding, Smooth Navigation with the highly user-friendly website that helped them to generate hundreds of leads. Now Promarketo team is working on their conversion rate optimization to drive great ROI for them. With us, You don’t need a big budget or a long-six-week to get started.
  1. Dr Ahuja, a famous Yoga Trainer in the middle east wanted to promote his website to reach out to the people who need yoga fitness training. Team ProMarketo helped him reaching out huge targeted audience through Google Ads, Facebook-Instagram Ads and sales funnel that shown 149.6% of growth in his ROI. Now he has signed up with us for annual marketing strategies including SEO, Social Media Management and lead generation. In Order to provide him with the best services, Promarketo has assigned our two-account managers to ensure the best results on his investments. Promarketo is strongly driven by the purpose and the purpose is to serve our clients and fulfill their requirements.
  1. An Education Consultancy helping students to get admission abroad approached us for generating the leads our team has collected all the required information and started the project. They said that their CPC on Google Adwords is close to Rs. 99.70 so they will be happy if we deliver the same quality leads and reduce the Ad cost. We started working on Ads and initially our Cost Per Click went Rs. 60.23 but our team kept doing a lot of A/B testing with multiple landing pages and Ad campaigns that helped us to reduce the Cost Per Click which is just Rs. 17.58. As per the previous session whatever leads we generated now are helping our client to improve their conversion with the help of re-targeting ads.


Join over 1,557 subscribers who get fresh content from us on a weekly basis.

Join over 1,557 subscribers who get fresh content from us on a weekly basis.




Promarketo is a premier digital Marketing agency with proven results. We are passionate about using the power of the Internet to grow any business. If you are Looking for ways to boost brand awareness & your business presence, Promarketo Digital Marketing Agency will Help you Engaging the right audience for your business to get a huge ROI.

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